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The Dr. Wesner Biassou Foundation is a nonprofit, philanthropic organization that was founded to honor the legacy of Dr. Wesner Biassou and to help support a world where everyone can have an opportunity to live a productive life.


The Foundation was founded in honor of Dr. Wesner Biassou, an American physician, of Haitian descent, who trained over 250 physicians-in-training in the United States during his nearly 40 year medical career as a dedicated clinical physician and medical educator.

Dr. Biassou was born in a small fishing village in rural Haiti. At age seven, he moved with his family to the nation's bustling capital city, Port-au-Prince, where he was enrolled in school for the first time and where he very quickly and persistently excelled academically.


Dr. Biassou was a socioeconomically disadvantaged boy  who grew up in one of the Western hemisphere's poorest country. He was a product of the country's free but robust public school educational system of the 1950's, often studying under street lights with meager nutrition for physical sustenance. But his mind's thirst and hunger for knowledge led to his life-long love of learning which dictated his many academic successes throughout his life from Chief Resident at Boston City Medical Center (Now Boston Medical Center) to his 30 year tenure at Beth Israel Medical Center in NYC as a stellar medical educator. His clinical acumen and extraordinary empathy ultimately  impacted the lives of countless of patients whom he treated and helped to train and develop the careers of nearly 250 physicians at the most respected academic medical institutions in the world's wealthiest country, The United States of America. 


The Dr. Wesner Biassou Foundation, which is partially funded by the Wesner M. Biassou MD Charitable FUND, has partial funded grants for medical educational missions to Haiti by non-governmental organizations. The Foundation also currently supports a newly established 4 year undergraduate Bachelor of Sciences program of Radiologic Sciences at the State University of Haiti in Limonade, a campus located in the outskirts of the northern city of Cap Haitian, Haiti's second largest city.  The program is the first and only such program in the country and was designed for long term program sustainability and for high development impact.

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